Rupa Color Inks., An ISO 9001-2008 certified manufacturers of Rotogravure inks with fast gravure printing machines giving incredible quality. our Gravure inks are designed, formulated, manufactured and quality controlled for High gloss surface printing and Reverse printing on various plastic films which need color full decorations. These inks are basically Toluene based, ethyl based, MIBK based, MEK based and other alcohol based inks.

As a specialist in Reverse printing and surface printing inks, we Manufacture and supply both Lamination and non lamination inks for all type of substrates. Rupa Produces Gravure inks for different variety of substrates to several type of industries. Roto-Gravure Printing can be done on substrates such as papers, wood, boards, BOPP, Polyester, Polyethylene, PVC, and all plastic films.

Gravure is capable of transferring more ink to the paper than other printing processes, gravure is noted for its remarkable density range (light to shadow) and hence is a process of choice for fine art and photography reproduction, though not typically as clean an image as that of sheet fed litho or web offset litho. Gravure Inks is also well-suited for printing on a host of other types of substrates, such as foils, plastics, etc. When used on plastic packaging, most gravure presses require the use of fast-drying solvents. Other use for the gravure processes are in wallpapers and laminates for furniture where quality and consistency are desired.

RotoGravure Ink types

The gravure inks are of three types. They are

  • Gravure Sovent Based printing inks
    • Gravure Poly Inks
    • Gravure Toluene Based Paper Inks
    • Gravure HR paper Inks
    • Gravure HR Foil Inks
    • Gravure High Bond Polyester Lamination Inks
    • Gravure High Bond BOPP Lamination Inks
    • Gravure BOPP Tape Inks
    • Gravure Mettalic inks
  • Gravure Aqua based printing inks
    • Gravure Water based Paper inks
    • Gravure water based Poly inks
    • Gravure Water based Foil Inks
    • Gravure water Based Lamination Inks
  • Gravure Deep freezer Printing inks
    • Deep Freezer Resistant Gravure inks – NC PU based
    • Deep Freezer Stable Gravure printing Inks – Toluene Based
    • Deep Freezer Stable Gravure printing Inks – Ethyl acetate based

The above said Gravure inks are fast moving printing inks however other customized Gravure inks are also available as per the customer Specification Packing: 5Kg, 10Kg, 25Kg, and 200Kg

1. Rotogravure Solvent Based Inks:
Gr LamesterReverse Printing-Laminatable InksPolyester filmMSDS | TDS
Gr RubyLamReverse Printing-Laminatable InksPolyester filmMSDS | TDS
Gr Lam PpReverse Printing-Laminatable InksBopp and Polyester filmMSDS | TDS
Gr PolyMulti-Purpose Bag InksPp, Ldpe, HM HdpeMSDS | TDS
Gr PulprintSurface Printing InksAll Papers and boardsMSDS | TDS
Gr.PulpSheenHigh Gloss InksGlassine and all Coated PapersMSDS | TDS
RotoPaqueInks for Packaging cartonCraft Paper and BoardMSDS | TDS
Gr MetocolTransparent InkBlister foil and metalised Polyester filmMSDS | TDS
Gr.AnchorPlastInks for Freezer PackagingPp,Ldpe,HM Hdpe,etc.,MSDS | TDS
Gr.Alkylfix2pack ink for Alkali and Oil resist PacksPp, Ldpe, HM HdpeMSDS | TDS
2. Rotogravure Water Based Inks:
Gr AquapulpOpaque InksCraft Paper and BoardMSDS | TDS
Gr.Aqua sheenGloss Finish InksProcess InksMSDS | TDS
GrAquaGloFlorescent InksPaper and BoardMSDS | TDS
MetaRotoMettallic Finish inksAll Paper and boardMSDS | TDS
GrAquaPlastProcess InksPaper and Plastic SurfacesMSDS | TDS
Rotogravure Inks – Printing Process

Gravure or Roto or Rotogravure is the process of intaglio printing. In this printing process the image impression is engraved on an image carrier using a rotary printing press. Mostly gravure inks are extensively used in printing magazines. Since it has the major quality to print all types of images as a dots pattern and it makes easy visibility. Enormous gravure presses print mostly on reels of paper instead of sheets of paper. Rotary gravure presses has the capability to print quickly and extensively. For example it can print upto 12 feet narrow labels and even print 4 meter wide rolls.

Rotogravure is a modern printing process for the most part of commercial printing. And it is utilized for the high velocity creation of extensive print magazines. It can print steadily huge number of mail order catalogs and magazines with high quality. Gravure press has saddle stitching as added services for magazine or brochure work. A rotogravure ink is used for printing postcards, corrugated packaging and magazines.

The inking framework for a gravure press is far less difficult than that utilized for offset lithography. The gravure cylinder is somewhat submerged in a vast container of slim, intensely liquid ink. Now the ink is pushed into the fountain pan as much required from the sump. Then the surface of the cylinder filled with the ink due to the rotation of the cylinder on the ink. Finally the excess ink is removed from the surface of the cylinder with the help of slim, flexible blade and pre-wiping devices. This will avoid the inked cells to contact with the substrate. A few gravure inking framework use cloth-covered roller which is moderately submerged but it makes the ink fountain to contact with the surface of the gravure cylinder. Sometimes ink is spread onto the surface of the barrel by a spout.

Usage of Rotogravure Inks

Gravure is widely used for long-run magazine printing, wrappers printing and flexible packaging printing in excess of 1 million copies. Gravure’s major quality shortcoming is that all images, including type and “solids”, are actually printed as dots, and the screen pattern of these dots is readily visible to the naked eye.

Rotogravure Inks Applications

Daily News papers, Reverse printed Lamination Pouches, Wall Papers, Flexible packaging, Polythene Bags, Polypropylene Bags, BOPP Packaging, Paper Bags, cement bags, Wrappers, Soap Labels, Toffee Wrappers, mail order catalogs, consumer packaging, and Sunday newspaper ad inserts, Milk Pouches – LDPE, Water Pouches – LDPE, HMHDPE, Butter Milk Pouch – Polythene, Alkali Resistant packaging, Soap fast packaging, Polyolefin Food Packaging, and all other Dairy Packaging Pouches.