Rupa Inks : The Pioneer in Flexible Packaging Ink Industry

Rupa colour inks is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters in different variety of printing inks at south India. As a leader in ink supplies since 1979 and one of the oldest company in printing and packaging industry, we merge wide-ranging manufacturing experience, cost effectiveness and diligent quality control measures to make available highest quality Industrial printing ink products.

Printing Ink Factory in India

From the newspaper that you read on your breakfast table? to the label on your afternoon soft drink? from the greeting card that you send to your loved ones to the magazine or catalog you read… to the T-shirt you wear in the evening, Rupa Colour Inks is there, decorating, communicating, and making print happen. We are a seasoned printing ink manufacturers, suppliers and exporters from India, focused on quality customer satisfaction & ethical business practices.

Manufacturer of Printing Inks

Rupa Colour Inks is a Printing ink manufacturers since 1979. Basically ink manufacturers are like a blood for human in a Graphic art industry. Almost all type of inks are manufactured and supplied all over the world by us. Excellent manufacturing facility along with the quality control features with prefect timely delivery and Competitive price is the reason for the success of the market leader Rupa Colour Inks.

Printing ink manufacturers are backbone of Graphic arts as well as industrial and domestic Packaging industries. Normally packaging is not at all possible without inks. Just think about a package without printing in a rough paper or board or a Plastic, Absolutely it will not look relevant or attractive. at least some text should be printed to know what it is.. It cannot be just engraved. So the packaging world without printing inks is human without eyes.

Quality Ink Manufacturing company

In Printing and Packaging Industry, We are the foremost PRINTING INK SUPPLIERS with immense knowledge in supplying products for an extensive range of applications. Our printing ink factory has the competence to manufacture at the minimum cost based on the raw material with high quality products persistently. The technique we used for manufacturing inks intended for precise customer requirements. Rupainks became an identical name in Printing ink industry with a reputation for admirable customer service by its quality and stability. So that we have the prospect to trade with major parts of the country and abroad. It reveals the reliable success and progress of our organization.

As a printing ink distributors we sustain our customers with useful technical support and rapid delivery. At the same time as printing ink wholesalers we deal with the requirement of bulk ink and printing material customers by providing perfect substrate match inks as well as Materials with best possible performance in printing ink industry.

Further to this we are prominent printing ink dealers. We will cater to the needs of our esteemed clients in our Business of Printing, Decorating, Flexible Packaging, Publication, Coating Electronic, Electrical, Automobile and a range of other industries across the nation.

Our Printing Ink Product Supplies and Facts

  • Roto Gravure
  • Surface Printing
  • Reverse Printing
  • Flexography
  • Water Based Flexo
  • Solvent Based Flexo
  • Serigraphy
  • PVC
  • Paper
  • PP & Other Plastics
  • Glass
  • Pad
  • PP & Other Plastics
  • Glass

Over the years our printing ink company focused on manufacturing different variety of printing inks and Coatings for Rotogravure, Flexography, Offset Sheet fed, Web offset, and Pad printing. Apart from these We manufacture and supply Innovative products such as for UV Curable inks, Invisible inks, UV Visible inks, Tin Printing inks, Metal decoration inks, Marble inks, Batch Coding inks, marking inks, Spray Coatings, Roller coating, Other Specialty inks etc. and continued to develop with newer products with well growth prospective to meet the demand of end users in the fast emerging market. The each and every stage of printing inks preparation process such as mixing, milling, pumping to the packing process is observed efficiently. It will enhance maximum productivity and minimize chances of inaccuracy.