Rupa offset Inks Manufacturers

Rupa colour inks have various types of offset inks which will optimize the quality of printing and Coverage. while procuring purchasing industrial-grade offset ink, there are five major categories to be considered.

We invite you to take a look at Rupa Offset Inks. Superior quality Inks are available that produce near commercial quality prints. It is important to choose an offset ink manufacturing company dedicated to changing with the times for environmental concerns, worker safety, meeting challenges, staying abreast of what is new in the industry and engaging in constant technological research.

Offset printing process Is a type of printing model where the inked image is transferred (or “offset”) from a plate to a rubber blanket, then to the printing surface. When used in combination with the lithographic process, which is based on the repulsion of oil and water, the offset technique employs a flat (planographic) image carrier on which the image to be printed obtains ink from ink rollers, while the non-printing area attracts a water-based film (called “fountain solution”), keeping the non-printing (Non image) areas ink-free. Rupa ink factory is expert in manufacturing excellent quality offset inks required for this technology.

Sheet-fed offset Inks

Our range of Offset sheet-fed inks are designed and manufactured in eco friendly formulations. These type of inks posses excellent ink/fount balance. another physical property of this ink is heat resistant visco-elastic body. This will result in producing fantastic printing on long run in high-speed offset presses. Excellent gloss will be achieved along with the speedy drying and fast setting quality.

These Sheet-fed offset inks are Formulated with a blend of highly refined low aromatic distillate and vegetable oils. This innovative technology was initiated by R& D staffs at our laboratory in the beginning of the year 2000. This combination of materials enable the press to print with less Iso Propyl Alcohol (IPA) and thus pollutants to the environment are drastically reduced.

Soya Oil Based sheet-fed offset Inks

Due to awareness of social responsibility Rupa colour inks R& D Team developed “Green Range inks” resently. These inks are environmental friendly formulated with more than 20 percent of soya oil. They also give high quality print results on long run in high-speed presses. These inks can be utilized on glossy coated paper or plain coated paper.


We manufacture specialty newspaper printing ink for Web-fed offset newspaper printing in a low rub ink categories. These types of inks are fast setting in nature and produce bright shade, sharp print, with instant plate wiping set-up. This category of web offset inks have three viscosity ranges.

Web offset Cold set premium category of inks are manufactured and supplied to print commercial quality stocks. These type of web offset inks are suitable for absorbent paper substrates such as newsprint. This results in high color intensity prints. These prints have low rub resistance.

The superior variety of web offset inks in our range is Quick-set web offset inks with excellent color density, very low rub, very little set-off, clean shade and sharp print with instant plate clearing. These are superior grade web offset inks that encourage printers to achieve good quality multicolor commercial print on a coldset web offset press. These inks are suitable for all types of absorbent paper substrates such as newsprint.


Our range of Web offset heat set inks will produces strong and bright color prints. The controlled emulsification will result in trouble free long run. Amazingly this quality heat set inks will give superb glossy and sharp images on good quality coated papers. Our Vegetable oil based heatset inks are mostly Aromatic free. These type of inks contain soya or any other vegetable oil in the formulation resulting in optimal balance of press stability needed for long run times at high speed printing.

We manufacture other customized high quality weboffset heatset inks. These inks are offered with the same properties as the previous one. The property of low viscosity and lesser tack,results in high speed but low sharp print compared to other one.

Offset Sheetfed inks
Offset Sheetfed inks
FineArtCut Colour Inks-CommercialUncoated Paper and BoardMSDS | TDS
FineProcessProcess Inks-CommercialUncoated Paper and BoardMSDS | TDS
EasyRunCut Colour Inks-EconomicUncoated Paper and BoardMSDS | TDS
EasyTransProcess Inks-EconomicUncoated Paper and BoardMSDS TDS
SukraArtCut Colour InksUncoated Paper and BoardMSDS | TDS
Cut colour Inks-Quickset
Coated Paper and BoardMSDS | TDS
PackTransProcess Inks-QuicksetCoated Paper and BoardMSDS | TDS
SharkArtCut colour Inks for high speed printingCoated Paper and BoardMSDS | TDS
SharkTransProcess Inks for high speed PrintingCoated Paper and BoardMSDS | TDS
Book BlackCommercial inks For Book PrintingUncoated Paper and BoardMSDS | TDS
News BlackCommercial Inks For News paper industryUncoated PapersMSDS | TDS
Super BlackQuickset Inks for MagazineAll Coated PapersMSDS | TDS
Prestige BlackQuickset Inks for Packaging industryAll Coated PapersMSDS | TDS

Web Offset Inks
MarathonCut Colour InksAbsorbent PaperMSDS | TDS
TranswebProcess InksAbsorbent PaperMSDS | TDS
MegatransProcess InksAbsorbent PaperMSDS | TDS
RealBlackNews Paper InksAbsorbent PaperMSDS | TDS
SuperWebHigh Quality PrintingAbsorbent PaperMSDS | TDS
CompjetCut Colour InksContinous Stationery printingMSDS | TDS
CompTransProcess InksContinous Stationery printingMSDS TDS

Advantages of Rupa offset printing inks

When compared to other type of printing and printing inks, We find the following advantages:

  • With our quality Offset inks, Consistent high image quality images with sharp clean shade will be achieved. The ink is formulated in such a way that it will be easier than letterpress printing suitable to transfer into the rubber blanket from the plate to print on the substrate.
  • High speed and Trouble free long run giving extended life to the printing plate. Our inks are formulated i suc a way that inks and fountain solution may exceed run lengths of a million impressions.
  • Our offset inks are Quick and easily washable from the printing plates.
  • Since our inks are highly concentrated and trouble free run in the press, the Offset printing (Sheet fed offset inks, Web offset cold set inks and Heat set inks) with Rupa inks will be obviously the cheapest method to produce high quality printing in commercial printing jobs.