One of the very old techniques of Marbling ink Suminagashi or “floating ink” originated in Japan near the beginning of 12th century. Process of marbling is on liquid surface and with that floating inks are swirled into patterns. Then capture a design by laying a piece of fabric or paper down on top of the marbling ink to transfer the swirls to the fabric.

Benefits of Marbling Inks

Our MARBLING INK made with special technology has salient properties such as high degree of saturation, deep transfer result, and intense colour. It will prevent blockage and protects the printing substance. It will not create blur, smear image. The finishing image will be more glowing with gorgeous color and natural .It is environmental-friendly since ink is non-hazardous. Low viscosity water based ink.

  • Very attractive
  • Easy to use
  • Non Toxic
  • High quality color
  • Quick and easy to create wonderful patterns
  • Enormous variety of colours
  • Economical
  • Optimum quality ink
  • Decorating Papers like Greeting cards etc.,
  • For creating beautiful patterns onto paper and use as wrapping paper, book liners or gift boxes
  • Creating fantastic marble patterns with ease
  • Book bindings, box covers, broaches
  • Wall Hangings, clothing, purses
  • Marbled Photo Album Cover
Overview of Marbling Inks

Mostly European people like to print their greeting cards by marbling inks. The well-known method of marbling for them is Turkish marbling. It is prepared on the thick mucilage surface known as sizing in English.

Basically marbling inks are manufactured with the eco-friendly raw materials by reputed ink manufacturers. Rupa Inks is the social responsible organisation producing inks and coatings which is not polluting the environment.

MARBLING INKS will create a stone-like appearance complicated curving designs. It looks like veined texture of marble. There are several marbling patterns that can be achieved with the use of rakes, combs, and other tools. To get a marbling effect ink can be used more liberally and let them dry. Then drop blender ink it will spread the dried ink and form a marbled appearance.

The art of marbling reach progressively and was used broadly in the printing and book-binding trades. Almost in every book published marbled papers become an essential part. MARBLING INKS is a unique printing ink to decorate your posters or birthday wishing card. It is used for end papers and book covers.

MARBLING INKS is an effortless but valuable way to develop cards, photo mounts, gift tags etc. The materials such as cloth, wood, paper can be marbled with these inks. Marbling’s a simple craft but the outcome can be stunning.