Rupa Printing Ink Products

Rupa Colour Ink enjoys a strong market base both in India and the international arena. We are committed to the quality of our Ink products and follow a set of stringent quality-related policies to maintain it. We continuously improve control of our Processes and Products using modern techniques. Our team of experts ensures that our products adhere to the international standards of quality and are in tune to set standards of Clarity, Transparency, Opacity, Fluidity, Flow, Smoothness, Viscosity, Grind (Fineness), Color strength (Depth), Shade, Hue, and Fastness, etc.

We are one of the renowned manufacturers and suppliers of a wide-ranging printing inks and specialty coatings. These are formulated in line with the international quality standards to ensure excellent print ability in various packaging material.

Our range finds application in various Printing, Decorating, Flexible Packaging, Publication, Coating Electronic, Electrical, Automobile and a range of other industries across the nation. The range offered by us includes Pad Printing Inks, Screen Printing Inks, Metallic Inks, Rotogravure Water Based Inks, Rotogravure Solvent Based Inks, Flexographic Solvent Based Inks, Flexographic Water Based Inks, Offset Sheet fed Inks, Night Glow Inks, PVC Inks, PVC Gloss Inks, Vinyl Inks, Textile Inks, Specialty Inks, UV Curable Inks, Flexo Poly Inks and Reverse Lamination Inks.

Ink Clusters
The Exceptional Features of Our Inks
  • Very attractive with brilliant brightness
  • Excellent printability
  • Enormous variety of colors
  • Economical & optimum quality ink
  • Very low solvent preservation and non toxic
  • High gloss & intensity
  • Excellent adhesion, bond strength & scratch resistance
  • Flexible ink lay down, good formability
  • Extremely stable
Printing Inks

Rupa Inks manufactures vast varieties of printing inks for almost all applications. Printing inks are of two types: liquid inks and paste inks based on their viscosity. Gravure and Flexo Printing are liquid inks whereas paste inks are used in letterpress and lithography. In between paste and liquid inks are screen inks. Usually the colourant, varnish, solvent and additives are used to prepare all printing inks. Colourants include both pigments (which is not soluble in varnish) and dye (which are soluble). Varnish used to make the pigment in a printable form. As per printer requirement solvents are used to regulate the viscosity of the ink. To get remarkable outcome additives are used for performance of the ink.

The range offered by us includes :
  • Flexographic Inks – Flexographic Solvent Based Inks , Flexographic Water Based Inks
  • Rotogravure Inks – Rotogravure Solvent Based Inks , Rotogravure Water Based Inks
  • Offset Inks – Offset Sheet fed Inks , Web Offset Inks
  • Screen Inks – Solvent Based Screen Inks , Water Based Screen Inks , UV Curable Screen Inks
Speciality Inks

Apart from regular printing inks we are distributors and exporters of specialty printing inks which are used to print on variety of materials. It will have special effects on the printing surface with shine, insightful and dimensional consequence. We produce specialty inks such as Pad Printing InksMarking InksNight Glow InksTextile Inks and CoatingsUV Inks and Marbling Inks for a wide series of applications.

Several functions of specialty inks are:

  • Making the content to shine in dim environment.
  • Scrap the ink on the paper to reveal the hidden texts which are mostly used in gift card, promotional objects, and postcards.
  • Plentiful applications including promotional post cards, magazine covers, and in applications for blind uses these inks to be raised on the surface through which we can feel and touch the content.
  • Change of ink colours in different environmental conditions when exposed to water and light, at different temperatures.
Surface Coatings

We contribute with innovative surface coating inks particularly suitable for substrates such as metals, synthetic elastomers, steel, rubbers, plastics, ceramics, paper, wood, fabric, film, foil. It is extensively used for the purpose of decoration and substrate protection in industries like Packaging, Electronic industries, Automobile industries, Steel and Paper industries. Our assortment includes Roller coatings, Spray Coatings, Textile coatings, Ink receptive Coatings.