Rupa Flexo Inks are the best quality printing inks for Flexo Presses of all Kinds. Flexographic printing (short form – flexo printing) is a form of printing process which utilizes a flexible relief Polymer or Rubber Blocks-plates. It is an updated method of letterpress printing which is utilized for printing process on most substrates such as Papers, Boards, metals, foils, plastics, metallic films, cellophane, and wooden substrates. It is mainly used for printing on the non-Absorbent and Non porous surfaced substrates used for various varieties of industrial and food packaging applications (it is also mostly suitable for printing and coating huge areas of solid colours).

Flexo ink manufacturers play a vital role in Flexography. A flexographic print is made by creating a positive mirrored master of the required image as a 3D relief in a rubber or polymer material. Flexographic plates can be created with analog and digital plate making processes. The image areas are raised above the non image areas on the rubber or polymer plate. The Flexo ink is transferred from the ink roll which is partially immersed in the ink tank.

Then it transfers to the anilox roll (or meter roll) whose texture holds a specific amount of Flexo ink since it’s covered with thousands of small wells or cups that enable it to meter ink to the printing plate in a uniform thickness evenly and quickly (the number of cells per linear inch can vary according to the type of print job and the quality required).

To avoid getting a final product with a smudgy or lumpy look, it must be ensured that the amount of ink on the Flexo printing plate is not excessive. This is achieved by using a scraper, called a doctor blade. The doctor blade removes excess ink from the anilox roller before inking the Stereo block. The substrate is finally sandwiched between the Flexo stereo and the impression cylinder to transfer the image.

Flexographic Ink types

The flexo inks are of three types. They are

    • Flexo Poly Inks
    • Flexo Dye Based Paper Inks
    • Flexo HDPE Woven Sacks Inks
    • Flexo Untreated PP Inks
    • Flexo Untreated HDPE Inks
    • Flexo Solvent Based Non Woven Fabric Inks
    • Flexo Water Based Corrugated box inks
    • Flexo Water Based Non woven Fabric Inks
    • Flexo Water Based Thermal Paper Inks
    • Flexo Water Based Paper Gloss Inks
Flexographic Solvent Based Inks:
FlexipolyMultipupose Bag inks
Pp,Ldpe,HM Hdpe etc.,MSDS | TDS
Flexisack bondWoven sacks inksPp, Hdpe, etc..MSDS |  TDS
FlexipulpInks for Packaging CartonCoated papers and boardsMSDS | TDS
FlexiGlassineGift Wrapper inksGlazed News Print and Glassine PaperMSDS | TDS
FlexiOpaqueSurface Printing InkPaper, board, PVC and Polystrene surfaceMSDS | TDS
Foil shineTransparent InksCraft paper and boardMSDS | TDS
FlexiAnchorPlastInks for Freezer packagingPp,Ldpe,HM Hdpe, etc..MSDS | TDS
FlexiAlkylfix2pack inks for Alkali resist PacksPp,Ldpe,HM Hdpe etcMSDS | TDS

Flexographic Water Based Inks:
FlexAquaPulpOpaque InksCraft Paper and BoardMSDS | TDS
FlexAquaSheenGloss finish InksCoated Paper and BoardMSDS | TDS
FlexAquaGloFlourescent Inks

Paper and Board
MetaAquaFlexMettalic Finish inksCoated and uncoated Paper and boardMSDS | TDS
FlexAquaPlastFlexAquaPlast Process InksPaper and Plastic SurfacesMSDS | TDS

FLEXOGRAPHIC INKS are modern printing inks used for Flexo printing process. Flexo press are used for various type of applications in Packaging and publishing.Latest Flexographic Printing technology brings us a good revolution in flexible Packaging Industry. In the present scenario, Most variety of Flexible Packaging industrial activities are dependent on the Automation and Latest techniques and its related Research and Developments. The Total Flexographic Printing process activity is done to bring out products which is required in the modern world life. The Flexo Printing presses are mainly used in Flexible Packaging, Publishing, advertisement as well as many other kinds of Decorative industries.

In Printing Industry, Good revolutionary work are done in the packaging industry for fulfilling the desire of the modern world. Flexography is one Type of printing style which is done with various types of automatic and semi automatic printing machinery. The equipments which are applied in FLEXO varies From one flexographic printing machine to other flexo printing machinery in the printing and processing procedure. The Final Result from the Flexo printer also varies in printing and graphic Features and other qualities. Flexo printing press is the most desirable type of printing process that uses a kind of Printing Polymer plate. This is the latest version and can get printing works done that is not possible in other printing processes.

Flexo Printing Ink Applications
  • Flexo printing inks for polyethylene bags
  • Flexo Printing inks for Paper Bags
  • Flexo printing inks for Non woven Fabrics
  • Flexo Printing inks for HDPE Woven sacks
  • Flexo Printing inks for PP Woven Sacks
  • Flexo Printing Inks for Cement Bags
  • Flexo Printing Inks for Thermal Paper
  • Flexo Printing Inks for Dining Sheet Rolls
  • Flexo Printing inks for Tissue paper Printing
  • Flexo Printing Inks for ATM Bills
  • Flexo Printing Inks for Flexible Packaging
  • Flexo printing inks for Shrink Labels
  • Flexo Printing Inks for Paper Labels
  • Flexo Printing Inks for Deep freezer Packages
  • Flexo printing inks for Batch Coding
  • Flexo Printing inks for Security Printing inks
  • Flexo water based inks for Corrugated boxes
  • Flexo water based inks for Paper sacks
  • Flexo Water based inks for Tissue Papers
  • Flexo water based inks for Thermal Paper rolls
  • Flexo water based inks for Non Woven PP Fabric Carry bags
Flexography Products

Flexo has an advantage over lithography in that it can use a wider range of inks, water based rather than oil based inks, and is good at printing on a variety of different materials like plastic, foil, acetate film, brown paper, and other materials used in packaging.

Typical products printed using flexography include brown corrugated boxes, flexible packaging including retail and shopping bags, food and hygiene bags and sacks, milk and beverage cartons, flexible plastics, self adhesive labels, disposable cups and containers, envelopes and wallpaper.

A number of newspapers now eschew the more common offset lithography process in favor of flexo. Flexographic inks, like those used in gravure and unlike those used in lithography, generally have a low viscosity. This enables faster drying and, as a result, faster production, which results in lower costs.

Benefits of using Flexography and Flexo Printing Inks
  • Flexo printing is latest type of process mainly focusing on the best pixel print quality. Resulting in better amount of pixels, the whole graphic art quality enhanced to an amicable level.
  • Flexography is the only printing process which can be the most effective in printing on to the materials which is very difficult to adhere for which Flexo printing inks are capable of wide range of colours for high speed printing and drying, ready for end use.
  • The Flexo Press have efficiency in printing high quality order for publicity industry as well as quality daily and Monthly Magazines – newspaper
  • This Flexo printing process can print best quality images and products with huge output and less input as well as very low cost. The loss of Flexo printing inks here will be negligible.
Flexo Printing Ink Machine Suppliers and Material Suppliers

Most of the Publishing and packaging companies are making use of Flexographic printing as the best process of decoration with the help of quality Flexo printing inks manufacturers. There are lots of Flexo printing Machine suppliers and service providers, who provide all types of Flexo printing spare parts and materials for Flexo printers as well as proper training to print the best quality images in stimulated the time of requirement.

The Printing software that operates the entire process is also available in Flexo who are interested in that. Online support can help to come across some of the essential kinds of sources which supply the required equipments, operating and controlling software as well as training methods and practices. Getting the good Flexo printing machine from the best supplier for flexo printing can bring best quality results in the printing and publishing industry.

All the works related to publication, packaging and advertisement industries are dependent on Modern Printing processes such as Flexo or Gravure types. The Most required as well as the process of working procedures are well understood by professional companies in this industry. It is always good to hire the best flexographic expert service providers and take the respective service for printing.

Flexographic Printing is most for the packaging and publication businesses these days as flexo printed products will the main tool for Marketing and Advertising where the best Flexo inks should be used. So, the Flexo printer has to select the best Flexo printing ink manufacturer to get the best result of that.

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