Weather stable Coding Inks

Rupa have special RUPA ANTI DEEP FREEZER BATCH CODING INKS for Low temperature application. These INKS are very useful where coding is to be done on Ice Cream packing / Butter packaging / Milk pouch plastics / Ghee packets & other flexible packaging applications, which have to be stored in Deep-Freezers. Deep Freezer Coding inks are free flowing, fluid packaging inks, Transparent, Water resistant and can be used to mark on Glazed / Non glazed, Metallic / Non-Metallic Surfaces. The inks are resistant to temperature as low as -20 deg.c.

Deep freezer Resistant Coding Inks

DEEP FREEZER RESISTANT BATCH CODING INKS is quick-drying and is resistant to lubricants and other industrial goods packaging. The Markings on the surface are clear,sharp and indelible. Available colours are Black, Red,Violet, Brown and Blue. Other colours can also be supplied on request.

Food Packaging CODING INKS is suitable for manual, Semiautomatic and automatic packing machines like Strip / Foil Pack, Carton-pack, Vertopack, Carton and Label overprinting machines for all cold storage and regular application of food packaging.

APPLICATION OF CODING INKS can be used for many applications viz. for coding Batch No., Date of Manufacturing, Expiry Date, Maximum Retail Price, Lot No., MSDS, Specifications, Packing details, Instruction for use and other statutory information on various packaging substrates.

The colour fastness of these inks is excellent and stands ultraviolet exposure up to wool scale no.6 which is about four years of indoor exposure.

Rupa Colour Inks an ISO 9001-2008 Certified LARGEST Coding inks and marking inks manufacturing and exporting Company in inida. We produce huge varieties of Coding inks, numbering inks and stenciling inks.

Flexible packaging BATCH CODING INKS

Coding inks of these varieties are also used for marking and printing MRP and other instructions or Specifications on Wax coated paper, Plastic bags, Varnish-coated paper, poly Laminated surfaces, Mettalized polyester film, Aluminum foils, polypropylene materials, Cellophane, Cloth materials, Jute, Glass, PVC lables, Pvc packaging, water packets, Ceramic containers, rubber materials, foam products, HDPE containers, etc.,.

Types of Coding Inks

Rupa Inks manufactures wide varieties of coding and marking inks for almost all applications. coding inks are of two types: liquid inks and paste inks based on their viscosity. Gravure, Flexo, Roller printing are liquid coding inks whereas paste coding inks are used in letterpress and stereo printing methods. Usually the colour pigments, Resin mediums, solvent or oils and other additives are used as ingredients to prepare all coding and marking inks. Colour pigments include both organic and inorganic pigments, dyes both in power and liquid forms.

GRAVURE DEEP FREEZER INKS are available in packing of 100 ml.,500 ml.,1 litre, 5 litres and 20 litres.The Coding inks offered by Rupa includes :

  • Flexo coding Inks
  • Gravure coding Inks
  • Roller type coding Inks