Rupa Colour Inks is one of the leading manufacturers of printing inks and Specialty Coatings for Printing, Packaging, and Coating industries. Our total focus on quality and service has fetched us customers worldwide who believe in quality products.

We are known for manufacturing high quality products that exhibit durability and stability also featuring better fluidity, Printing Inkssmoothness and clarity of Color and Hue. We manufacture various kinds of printing inks and Coatings like Rotogravure Inks, Flexographic Solvent & Water Based Inks, Offset Sheet fed inks, Web Offset Inks, Pad Printing Inks, Silk Screen Printing Inks, Marking inks, Roller Coatings, Night Glow Inks, Textile Inks, Textile Coatings, PVC Plastisol inks, Non PVC Plastisol Inks, Spray coatings, Ink receptive Coatings, etc. as per the requirements of our customers

We have gained a respectable position in the domestic as well as in the international market place best printing inks manufacturers because of our consistent quality products and on-schedule deliveries. Delivering quality products on time is an outcome of the balance we strike and maintain between our people, process and technology.

We ensure that our clients are provided with customized printing ink products & services at competitive prices, along with the assurance of on-schedule delivery of merchandise.

Rupa Printing Inks Quality Checks

Being one AN ISO 9001-2015 certified printing Ink company, we lay a major emphasis especially on the quality front. ISO All steps of our production process are monitored strictly under the control of our Quality Assurance and Customer Satisfaction Division. For us quality begins with a careful screening of raw material used in our products.

Our computerized system permits precise measurement of raw materials in large-scale ink manufacturing and statistical tracking of viscosity, grind, color strength and shade insures that these critical properties meet exacting specifications from batch to batch. Every stage of processing from mixing, milling, pumping to the packing process has been streamlined by our experts to maximize productivity while minimizing the possibility of errors.


Rupa Inks Industry Infrastructure

Ever since we commenced commercial production till date we have been recognized and appreciated for our Infrastructure quality and services by our customers worldwide. This owes to our emphasis on incorporating the latest technology in this sphere, which has resulted in better quality products, lowered cost of production, minimization of waste and zero defect operation in printing inks production. It is clearly evident that infrastructure is the lifeline of every business and ours is no exception. We have a strong Infrastructure consisting of all the modern facilities demanded by our business. Sophisticated technologies, diligent team, access to industry resources and in-depth market knowledge have enabled us to cater international marketplace efficiently.

In our journey to ensure that our customers’ interests come first at each level of the organization, comprehensive training programs are conducted time to time to provide managers and employees with essential tools: problem-solving techniques, testing procedures, and statisical methods. This enables teams of employees work together to continually improve our products and our services.

Printing Inks Industry Research and Development Department of Rupainks

Whether improving existing systems or developing new products in anticipation of future market needs, our research and development team has the capability that supports us to move ahead of the curve in ink industry. Our experts in our R&D cell work hard to:

  • Translate our clients’ unique printing needs into the highest quality ink and pigment products available worldwide.
  • Provide new printing inks products and processes to meet customer needs.
  • Improve the “in-the-field” performance of all our printing inks products.
  • Set new international standards for quality and environmental sustainability in the ink, printing, Flexible packaging and publishing industries
Printing Inks Quality Standards of Rupainks

The industry demands maximizing quality at the same time controlling costs. It means improving productivity and providing realistic solutions under ideal or less-than-ideal conditions. This makes our technical teams, research scientists, environmental services professionals and engineering staff provide a sound support structure. They integrate their knowledge, experience and personal insight that they have developed to deliver world class services.

Printing Inks Services offered by our proactive support team include:
  • 24-hour Technical Assistance
  • Troubleshooting
  • Ink and Raw Material Testing
  • Ink Blending and Delivery Systems
  • Computerized Color Control
  • Color Separation Assistance
  • Paper / Material Analysis

These services have backed us to export our products to all the major countries and have enhanced our capability to execute the consignments, even with short lead times, with high accuracy.

Rupa printing inks – End application
Packing Materials
Bakery Items Packaging
Greeting Cards & Wedding Cards
Glass & Ceramics
Gift Wrappers
Gas Cylinders
Labels and Stickers
Plywood and Furniture Decoration
Sign Boards and Banners
Keyboards and Accessories
Shoes & Slippers
News Papers & Magazines
Brochures & pamphlets
Deep Freezer Milk & Ghee Pouches
Flexible Packaging pouches
Toilet Soap & Detergent Packaging
Wall Papers
Metal Components
Plastic Components
Rubber Components
Stationary Items
Text Books
Business Forms
PVC Cables & PVC Pipes
Chewing Tobacco Pouches
Toffee Wrapper
Foils-Tablets & Capsules Packaging
Mobile Phones & Other Electronic items
Non-Woven Fabric & Foam Bags
Tissue Papers & Napkins
Cement Bags (Paper)
HDPE Woven Sacks (Plastic)
Corrugated Boxes
BOPP Adhesive Tapes
Tins, Drums and Cans
Plastic Carry Bags
Decorative Items and Fancy Items, etc.,
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