We manufacture specialty newspaper printing ink for Web-fed offset newspaper printing in a low rub ink catogeries. These types of inks are fast setting in nature and produce bright shade, sharp print, with instant plate wiping set-up. This category of ink have three viscosity ranges.

Web offset Coldset premium category of inks are manufactured and supplied to print commercial quality stocks. These type of inks are suitable for absorbant paper substrates such as newsprint. This results in high color intensity prints. These prints have low rub resistance.

The superior variety of weboffset ink in our range is Quick-set web offset inks with excellent color density, very low rub, very little set-off, clean shade and sharp print with instant plate clearing. These are superior grade weboffset inks that encourage printers to achieve good quality multicolor commercial print on a coldset web offset press. These inks are suitable for all types of absorbant paper substrates such as newsprint.

Weboffset Heatset Ink

Our range of Web offset heatset inks will produces strong and bright color prints. The controlled emulsification will result in trouble free long run. Amazingly this quality heat set inks will give superb glossy and sharp images on good quality coated papers. Our Vegetable oil based heatset inks are mostly Aromatic free. These type of inks contain soya or any other vegetable oil in the formulation resulting in optimal balance of press stability needed for long run times at high speed printing.

We manufacture other customized high quality weboffset heatset inks. These inks are offered with the same properties as the previous one. The property of low viscosity and lesser tack,results in high speed but low sharp print compared to other one.

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