Awards & Certification

Being one AN ISO 9001-2015 certified printing Ink company, we lay a major emphasis especially on the quality front. ISO All steps of our production process are monitored strictly under the control of our Quality Assurance and Customer Satisfaction Division. For us quality begins with a careful screening of raw material used in our products.


Printing and Packaging Industry, We are the foremost PRINTING INK SUPPLIERS with immense knowledge in supplying products for an extensive range of applications. Our printing ink factory has the competence to manufacture at the minimum cost based on the raw material with high quality products persistently. The technique we used for manufacturing inks intended for precise customer requirements.



Rupa Colour Inks is a Printing ink manufacturers since 1979. Basically ink manufacturers are like a blood for human in a Graphic art industry. Almost all type of inks are manufactured and supplied all over the world by us. Excellent manufacturing facility along with the quality control features with prefect timely delivery and Competitive price is the reason for the success of the market leader Rupa Colour Inks.